Hardwood floors

Hardwood is a natural product and with the help of increasingly responsible industry and stewardship practices, the resource is protected and abundant at the same time. Today there are so many wood flooring options including colors, species, and even surface treatments. Wood flooring is considered a largely neutral palette even with all its color, grain and texture and creates the perfect canvas for your décor to shine.

At California Carpet in San Francisco, we care about the environment and we care about your satisfaction with the hardwood flooring selections you make. We have been serving the Bay Area since 1989 with customers from San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Mill Valley, and Piedmont.

The right flooring retailer matters when it comes to wood

The process that moves the wood from the forest to the floor is many faceted, and any compromise will affect the quality of the finished product. The season in which some woods are harvested and the schedule under which the wood is dried can determine whether the wood is under stress prior to production. Then, in production, milling the product to solely save material and lower cost can cause inherent stress in the finished product, so having a retailer who knows the products and nuances inside and out is critical to your decision.

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Solid or engineered?

Depending on where the floor is in your home; your budget; and your lifestyle can help determine which is best for you and your lifestyle. Know that both options are real wood; one is solid and one has an engineered core with a real wood wear layer. Both come in same species, colors, style, and patterns. So if you are looking for wood floors, and also care about natural resources, you are looking at the right flooring for both your beliefs and aesthetic style. Even if you just like the look and feel of hardwood floors California Carpet is here to help you. Choosing a hardwood floor for your home can be a daunting experience. You are investing a substantial amount of money and the floor will be in your home for many years. Our hardwood flooring experts will help you find the right wood that fits your budget and lifestyle, so come by our showroom in San Francisco and we will help you with your flooring decision.