1. How long has California Carpet been in business?
California Carpet has been in business since 1989 supplying and installing carpet, resilient flooring, hardwood flooring, eco-friendly flooring and rugs to the community.

2. Does the company have a contractor license?
Yes, we actively maintain a Contractor's License Number 918507 in the name of Peninsula Installations, LP DBA California Carpet, our dedicated installation team.

3. Does the company sub-contract it's installation work to an outside firm, or handle it in-house?
The majority of our installers have worked for the company as employees for years.

4. Does California Carpet carry insurance?
Absolutely, one of the most important things a business can do is carry insurance to protect itself and more importantly, it's customers. We hold general liability and worker's comp policies to cover both residential and commercial projects. It is also what gives customers great comfort in working with us, versus the fly-by night outfits that have no means of covering an on-the job accident.

5. Can you describe the warranty for products California Carpet carries?
Each carpet or hard-flooring manufacturer has it's own warranty to cover the performance of their products. In addition to this, California Carpet guarantees the installation is done properly for two full years.

6. Is California Carpet affiliated with any other organizations?
We are active members of the BBB (Better Business Bureaus)

7. Does California Carpet participate in any Green practices?
Yes, California Carpet actively seeks out manufacturers that practice energy efficiency in their plants and that use post-consumer products as much as possible. Additionally, we recycle any carpet that we remove from a home or job, before installing new carpet. We support and carry a number of hard-flooring products approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC-certified) including bamboo, cork, engineered wood and any other eco-friendly product we can find that meet our quality standards.

8. What if I need some work done for a custom job?
What if I have special installation requirements? At California Carpet we consider our installers true craftsmen. The work they do is amazingly detailed and they hold themselves to very high standards. Additionally, we have an in-house workroom adjacent to each of our showrooms so that we can handle specific work that may need to be done in advance of installation. Custom matches from stairways to entry halls and more, are just part of the many ways we deliver superb installation work that is unparalleled by anyone on in the business.

9. How long does it take to get my carpet or floor, once I place my order?
For carpet that we have in stock, we can typically install in a matter of days. For special order material, we can typically install the material within two weeks.

10. How do I know what kind of rug pad to get?
Our experienced sales staff will inform you on the pad appropriate for your carpet choice. We carry a full line of padding that can accommodate any budget and product.

11. Does California Carpet offer Commercial Services?
California Carpet has a large Commercial department that focusing on non-union replacement flooring work. California Carpet works with all the major commercial flooring manufacturers. California Carpet specializes in common area replacements for HOAs, hotels and other similar commercial properties.

12. What is the Design Studio?
The Design Studio at California Carpet provides a special experience for those looking for yet another level of service. With a deep knowledge of carpeting and rugs, our designers work hand in hand with you or your designer to find a solution that meets your high esthetic standards for luxury in flooring. The studio offers a selection of the most exclusive collection of rugs and carpeting.

13. What cities does California Carpet serve?
California Carpet serves San Francisco, Mill Valley, Sausalito and Tiburon. South of San Francisco, California Carpet serves the entire peninsula including Palo Alto, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Burlingame and Redwood City.
We have stores in San Francisco and San Carlos.