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The Design Studio at California Carpet provides a special experience for those looking for yet another level of service. With a deep knowledge of carpeting and rugs, our designers work hand in hand with you or your designer to find a solution that meets your standards in flooring.

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At California Carpet we understand the value of creativity. We are here to offer you a variety of options. We continually refresh our selection with the latest styles and colors from around the globe. From traditional to modern flooring selections we strive to provide our bay area designers with an exclusive collection to choose from. But we don’t lose sight of budgets, either. Our Designer Pricing Programs help ensure every project is a total success. And our installations are guaranteed. For more info, email us now!


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Design studio available in San Francisco, CA from California Carpet

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Come discover some of the amazing designers we work with and see the unique custom flooring you can have in your own home.